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Flow Charger Performance Fuel Pump Controller

The Flow Charger is a compact, high efficiency microprocessor based voltage boosting unit. It is capable of taking input voltages as low as 10.5 volts and boost the output voltage to 20 volts (on Adjustable Output Voltage Models). This is particularly useful for increasing the output capacity of the vehicle's fuel pump by 20%, as shipped. This increase is equally applied to both stock fuel pumps or aftermarket fuel pumps. Voltage can be adjusted higher for larger gains, when using an optional voltage selector unit. Learn more about the Easy Performance Flow Charger Performance Fuel Pump Controller

Shift Light Pro Performance LED Shift Controller

The Shift Light Pro is a compact, programmable shift light. The Shift Light Pro delivers basic shift light functionality with a whole lot more. The simple user interface allows the RPM trigger point to be set or updated easily and quickly. No need to remove the unit or take anything apart to change the RPM set point. Any RPM value can be set from 50 to 9950 RPM in 50 RPM increments. Learn more about our Shift Light Pro Performance LED Shift Controller

Supercharger Boost Controller

The Supercharger Boost Controller 2 uniquely allows the driver to program a boost profile verses engine RPM. The boost controller has the ability to reduce the amount of manifold boost pressure developed by the supercharger. Higher manifold boost pressures and resulting higher compression temperatures increase the onset of detonation. This situation can lead the engine's computer to apply knock retard to alleviate this condition. Simple program the Boost Controller to run at a reduced manifold boost pressure to safely eliminate detonation and knock retard. Learn more about our Supercharger Boost Controller

Auto Off Traction Control System

The Auto Off Traction Control System (TCS) Module is specifically designed to allow late model GM vehicles equipped with Traction Control System to start up with the TCS Off rather than in the OEM default On mode. For many automotive enthusiasts, needing to press the traction control button each time the vehicle is started in order to have the traction control system Off can be a real nuisance. Learn more about our Auto Off Traction Control System