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Auto Off Traction Control System

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The Auto Off Traction Control System (TCS) Module is specifically designed to allow late model GM vehicles equipped with Traction Control System to start up with the TCS Off rather than in the OEM default On mode. For many automotive enthusiasts, needing to press the traction control button each time the vehicle is started in order to have the traction control system Off can be a real nuisance. For those who take their cars to the ¼ mile track, forgetting to turn the TCS off on the line or when at the burn out box can both waste time and lead to a poor performance run. Having the vehicle always starting with the TCS Off can eliminate one more thing to be concerned about when staging for a pass.

Developing an interface module to turn the TCS off while not disabling it entirely is not straight forward. With the research, development and applying some innovation, Easy Performance was able to create an interface module that not only has the TCS start up in a default Off mode, but also retains the OEM function of the TCS button. This means after the vehicle is started and the TCS is in the Off mode, the driver can press the TCS button to cycle the TCS On and Off as normal.

The Auto Off TCS Module installs easily on any late model GM vehicle equipped with a traction control switch. Detailed installation instructions guide the user through a successful installation. Only basic tools are needed for the installation. The module can be removed just as easily and the vehicle will be retorted to the original TCS default On function. The Auto Off TCS module will not cause any trouble codes to be tripped by the Powertrain Control Module or the Body Control Module.

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