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High Volume Fuel Pump Controller

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The Easy Performance Products Progressive Fuel Pump Controller provides a compact, high efficiency, microprocessor based, progressive fuel pump controller. It is designed to use sensory input from the engine and adjust the fuel pump speed relative to the sensor input. The microprocessor is programmed to supply the fuel pump with reduced power when the engine is not under load. This has several benefits including reduced wear on the fuel pump, lowering the heating effect of the fuel, reduced pumping noise and the reducing or eliminating the problem of fuel sump being pumped empty during deceleration. This initial fuel pump power level when not in proportional control is set by the user. As engine power demand rises, the controller proportionally increases fuel pump speed. The controller will increase pump speed until the fuel pump reaches full speed. The sensor input values that the controller begins proportional control, reaches full speed are set by the user. The controller can power the fuel pump in single fuel pump systems or can be set up to be a secondary pump drive in two pump systems.

Fuel Pump Controller Benefits are:

  • Three adjustable parameter knobs can be set by the user to provide for a simple, yet very flexible, customized fuel pump operation
  • Provides reduced power levels to fuel pump when engine is under light power loads
  • Improves fuel pump longevity
  • Lowers or eliminates fuel heating
  • Reduces fuel pump noise when not under full power
  • Fully enclosed alloy enclosure protects circuitry
  • Reduces or eliminates the problem of the fuel sump being pumped empty during deceleration
  • 100% solid state design with no mechanical relays to fail or replace
  • Uses regenerative power control to provide exceedingly high efficiency as well as eliminating all switching stress on the motor’s windings
  • Trigger input allows the module to be a secondary pump drive
  • The control housing incorporates an integral mounting flange for simple mounting
  • Integrated manifold pressure sensor for installation into conventional engine setups without electronic engine control computers and the related sensors
  • Incorporates fully sealed inline connectors for reliable connections

The Fuel Pump Controller's operation is represented by the following chart:

Easy Performance Fuel Pump Controller Power Graph See Products Button