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Shift Light Pro Performance LED Shift Controller

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The Shift Light Pro delivers traditional shift light functionality with a whole lot more. The simple user interface allows the RPM trigger point to be set or updated easily and quickly. No need to remove the unit, take anything apart, connect to a computer or external device to change the RPM set point. Any RPM value can be set from 50 to 9950 RPM in 50 RPM increments. The Shift Light Pro incorporates among the highest efficiency, ultra-bright LED lights available in the industry. The high efficiency means the lights are exceeding bright and do not heat up the gauge module. Plus, dual line display provides flexible monitoring any two of three parameters.

The Shift Light Pro offers the easiest and most straight forward connection for engine speed signal. You can select any one engine speed signal source from a host of possibilities. All that is required is the wire/signal provides voltage pulses (0 volts low and >2 volts high) that varies with the engine speed. That's all. This means the signal can be from vintage point ignition, EI distributor, coil pack, coil over plug, ECM tachometer signal, crank position sensor, cam position sensor and darn near anything else you can think of so long as the signal pulses are synchronous with the engine speed.

Includes a programmable RPM Window Switch output. The Shift Light Pro can turn ON a +12 volt, 3 amp maximum current accessory when the engine speed reaches a Low RPM trigger point and then turn OFF the accessory when a High RPM trigger point is reached. This capability is highly useful for those who run nitrous oxide injection systems or alcohol injection systems.

Programmable Throttle - Accelerator Position triggering with RPM Window Switch function. Throttle/Accelerator Position Sensor input and can be easily programmed to prevent window switch activation when the throttle/accelerator position is below the user selected TPS set point. This exclusive feature Easy Performance Products has developed prevents the dangerous condition of injecting nitrous oxide or alcohol injection when the engine is not at or near full power.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily programmable shift light trigger point
  • Ultra-bright LED lights illuminate when shift RPM is reached
  • Exclusive Audible Alarm can be installed for dual sensory shift announce
  • Universal Tach input, no need for signal conditioners or adapter modules
  • Programmable RPM Window Switch output
  • Exclusive 1st Gear Control working with window switch output
  • Exclusive Throttle/Accelerator Position Sensor input trigger working with window switch output
  • Built in Throttle Position Sensor calibration
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