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Flow Charger - Voltage Booster with Time Delay (PN# FCM12-165TD)

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Flow Charger is a compact, high efficiency microprocessor based voltage boosting unit. It receives standard vehicle voltages and boosts the output voltage to 20 volts (on Adjustable Output Voltage Models). This is particularly useful for increasing the output capacity of the vehicle's fuel pump by 20%, as shipped. This increase is equally applied to both stock fuel pumps or aftermarket fuel pumps. Voltage can be adjusted higher for larger gains, when using an optional voltage selector unit.

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Flow Charger Voltage

Part NumberFCM12-165TD
Input Voltage (Volts)11 to 14.5
Output Voltage (Volts)15.5 to 20
Output Voltage Accuracy (Volts)±0.2
Output Power (Watts)200 continuous, 400 intermittent up to 30 sec.
Output Current (Amps)20 maximum
Connector TypeSealed
Operating Temperature (°F)140 maximum
Length (Inches)4.6
Width (Inches)4.5
Height (Inches)1.6
Weight (Ounces)25.5

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