Product Test Volunteer Program

The goal of our Product Test Volunteer Program is for Easy Performance to enlist the cooperation of automotive enthusiasts in developing excellent products for the consumer market. As a product test volunteer, Easy Performance will provide the volunteer with prototype or preproduction product(s) at a reduced cost or free of charge, depending on the product's stage of development and the field test requirements. Easy Performance, at its own discretion, provide the test volunteer with updated, modified or replacement components as warranted by the field testing and/or product development activities.

As a product testing volunteer, Easy Performance will request written feedback (e-mail preferred) regarding any issues, comments and suggestions you as a product test volunteer may have after installing any test product. This shall include, but not limited to analysis of the fit, appearance and function of the test product. Also, if you have any problems preventing you from installing it, please contact us immediately and explain the situation. We will make every effort to resolve any problems you may have. The objective of this testing feedback is for Easy Performance to develop an excellent product for the consumer market. We also encourage suggestions or any ideas for improving the product or the documentation.

Don't assume we are only seeking experienced mechanics or professional engine builders/tuners. We also desperately need the assistance of inexperienced or novice enthusiasts. These individuals are uniqely qualified to test the thoroughness and clarity of our installation instructions as well as the easy and use of our products. One major goal of our company it to develop products that are easy to install as well as use. We know we are achieving this goal when even the most inexperienced individual can properly install and gain the full benefits our products. Therefore, we need volunteers spanning the entire automotive experience spectrum.

Some benefits to becoming a Product Test Volunteer:

  1. Become an influence with bringing new products to the market
  2. Receive and evaluate products before they hit the market
  3. Provide leadership with developing and introducing products to the automotive market
  4. Take an active role in the product development process
  5. Receive the latest products at a significantly reduced price

Click on the link below to view, download and print our Volunteer Test Application.

Click Here to Download our Test Volunteer Application

If you have any questions regarding our Product Test Volunteer Program please visit our Contact page.