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Supercharger Boost Controller

Super Charger Boost

The Supercharger Boost Controller 2 uniquely allows the driver to program a boost profile verses engine RPM. The boost controller has the ability to reduce the amount of manifold boost pressure developed by the supercharger. Higher manifold boost pressures and resulting higher compression temperatures increase the onset of detonation. This situation can lead the engine's computer to apply knock retard to alleviate this condition. Simple program the Boost Controller to run at a reduced manifold boost pressure to safely eliminate detonation and knock retard.

The purpose of changing supercharger pulleys is to adjust the amount of manifold boost pressure developed by the supercharger when under wide open throttle. With the Boost Controller, leaving on a smaller pulley for higher maximum boost pressures can now be programmed back by adjusting the boost profile. The smaller pulley can now be programmed to essentially be a larger pulley.

The supercharged engine requires higher/premium octane fuels (typically ~91) due to the higher compression temperatures supercharging causes. Using higher octane fuels holds off detonation and keeps the engine operating safely. However, this comes at the price of higher fuel cost at the pump. The Boost Controller can be used to reduce the supercharger boost pressure to a level where low octane fuels (typically ~87) can be used safely in the engine and money can be saved at the pump.

The amount of manifold boost pressure directly relates to the amount of horsepower developed by the engine. Allowing other drivers who are not familiar or have no experience with controlling the high horsepower levels produced an overdriven supercharger. The Boost Controller can easily and conveniently tame down the horsepower level with a quick turn the boost knob.

Weather conditions can change that can affect the amount of boost that can be safely run in the engine. Cold weather can allow higher boost pressure and supports more horsepower. Hot weather tends to reduce the amount of boost that can be safely run. With the Boost Controller, the driver can dial up and down the boost pressure corresponding to the climate conditions. Therefore, the engine's power output can be adjusted to be both safe and optimal for the driving conditions at any time.

The Supercharger Boost Controller benefits are:

Programmable Boost Level verses RPM Profile

The Boost Controller's simple user interface allows the user to easily program in desired boost levels (in % of total boost available) by RPM set points. Profile can be viewed, set or updated easily and quickly on the fly.. No need to remove the unit or take anything apart to change the profile. Any boost level, from 0% (minimum boost) to 100% (maximum boost) can be set for RPM values from 500 to 9500 RPM in 500 RPM increments. The proprietary programming will smoothly transition boost levels when engine is operating throughout the RPM range.

Transparent ECM Interface

The Boost Controller 2 incorporates unique circuitry to allow ECM control (if equipped) to be intercepted by the control module and have the ECM believe it is controlling boost. This capability allows the ECM to function normally, not require special reprogramming and avoids any conditions that would set the check/service engine light.

Tap Boost

The Boost Controller 2 allows the driver to disengage the boost control profile and have the controller command full boost (100%) with a simple tap of the rotary pushbutton. Tap the pushbutton again and the boost profile is re-engaged. This feature is available at any time. This is just another feature that makes the Boost Controller 2 provide unparalleled boost control at the driver's fingertips.

1st Gear Only Boost Control

The Boost Controller 2 offers the ability to apply the programmed boost control profile to only first gear. This amazing feature Easy Performance Products developed utilizes proprietary logic to determine when vehicle is in 1st gear and apply the boost profile while in 1st gear. Once the vehicle shifts into a higher gear, the controller will apply full boost and will remain at full boost until the engine speed is brought down to near idle. This feature is very useful for situations where a high power vehicle is being launched from a stop or low speed and the engine can easily over-power traction available in 1st gear. Enabling the Boost Controller 2's 1st Gear Control feature allows the controller to reduce power to a level that puts down the maximum amount of power to the ground and not break traction. Using this feature can result in the car accelerating from a stop or low speed with optimal performance. This feature can be easily engaged and disengaged in seconds.

Upgradeable Firmware

The Boost Controller 2 has been designed for future updates. As more features and capabilities are developed within the firmware, the end user has the option to send the unit back into our facility and we can re-flash the unit to the latest firmware release. This way, a Boost Controller 2 purchased in the past doesn't have to become out-dated, it can simply be updated affordable.

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